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Poland and the New Europe – Emerging Markets for the Security Industry
Wojtek Ratajek
Before opening the market in 1989, security systems were banned for use by the general public, reserved instead for government and communist party purposes, serving rather as a tool for controlling the nation and protecting military sites or state owned properties. As everything was the “property of the nation”, no real need for security existed at that time. Surveillance technology was from fictional James Bond movies rather than part of real life.


Integrated Multiplexers – Digital Recorders
Changes 2003-2005

Marian Mazurski

Digital Metamorphoses in City Monitoring
Marcin Wagner
It is not even the end of one technological revolution in CCTV systems – and, consequently, in the solutions being applied to city video-monitoring – and yet there are already some signs indicating that another one is looming large. The first one was connected with a shift from an analogue to a digital method of image recording. This change was one reason behind the rapid ageing of an increasing number of devices used in the CCTV industry, such as multiplexers and time-lapse video recorders, which we have seen in the past few years. The next one, emerging in front of our eyes, is connected with the image transmission methods.

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SATEL: Quality and Innovation

Fortuna Communication: Our Experience in the Field of CCTV Systems

Solutions and Ideas

VDRS – Digital surveillance system for professionals
Tomasz Kaliński, ALNET

VDRS PRO from Alnet Systems is a professional digital recording system with video transmission capability. Thanks to the innovative solutions in the field of image compression technology our system is perfect for digital surveillance through low bandwidth transmission media like GSM/GPRS.

InPro BMS – The Integration of Galaxy and Divar Systems
Jerzy Taczalski, IFTER
The InPro BMS system is an integration tool with extended visualization features, enabling the creation of very effective security systems. The advantages of having different systems combined within the single framework of InPro software include better protection of a serviced facility on the one hand and the cutting down of costs on the other. In this article I am going to describe the integration of two systems of a different nature: the Galaxy alarm system from Ademco-Microtech and the Divar digital recorder from Bosch Security Systems.

The Silesian Stadium 
– the best protected sports facility in Poland
Adam Zajkowski, Bosch Security Systems


How to make stadiums and sports facilities effectively safe? How to protect everyone participating in the event? How to prevent incidents that may interfere with normal operations? What measures should be taken to avoid events that could generate a hazard to spectators and property?

Technology Focus

The Better the Lens, 
The Better the Image

Hubert Nagórny
The lens is an indispensable element of a CCTV system, without which it would be impossible to represent an image on the imager of the camera. The quality of its make as well as its parameters are very important and shouldn’t be disregarded. An ill chosen lens and, most of all, a lens of poor quality might ruin the final effect. It is essential for each user that the system meets their expectations – everything in the camera’s field of view should be visible in the finest detail. Even the best camera will fail to do this, if equipped with a lens of dubious quality.

Data Transmission in local wired computer networks (p. 3)
Risk Related to IP Technology and Active Attacks on Network Devices

Tomasz Polus

Digital Image Recording
Hubert Nagórny
The increasing number of “outstanding offers”, and the lure of promotions and “unmatched features” might be giving you a headache. I would like to purchase and install a system, but which solution will suit me best? Should I trust a proven brand name? But it costs money. Do less well-known manufacturers offer equally good and proven products, and what about warranty and post-warranty service in that case? What is the reliability of the equipment offered and how long would it take to fix a possible failure? And what’s more, price and quality do not always go together. My intention is to help a future customer or installer to choose a suitable device that would satisfy their expectations.

Special Feature

Twisted Pair Video Transmission (FAQ)
Bolesław Polus, Polvision
This “Advice” is a set of answers to frequently asked questions, related to video and control data transmission through wired transmission media, with a special focus on transmission using twisted pairs of wires. These are questions my clients have asked me in the last couple of years. The scope of questions shows there is a variety of such issues and the level of clients’ technical expertise is diverse. Some readers may think asking such obvious questions (for them) is a bit funny, however, we have to be aware that if someone is asking a question, it means that for him it isn’t obvious.

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