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"Twierdza" is the leading and most popular Polish security magazine for system administrators, security managers, installers and engineers.

The security technology survey: CCTV, remote videomonitoring, Access Control and Time Attendance, mechanical security, Anti Burglar systems, Integrated Security and Intelligent Management Systems.

The contents
Twierdza serves not only for product and solution presentations. We focus on educational role of professional press. We are considered as the vast source of know-how for all professionals in the security market and we actively create the market.
Our aims are not limited to advertising and promotion. Twierdza presents opinions and ideas, provides theory and practice, helps to understand technology and draws procedures required in security systems' handling. One of our authors was awarded a prestigious "Securex 2003" Award for a series of articles published in Twierdza. This was the first time in the history of this Award Committee, that not a product but press article received the honor.

We focus on:
- Education - presenting articles providing both basic information on all security technology issues and thorough technical background for advanced professionals
- New technologies and solutions - showing and creating standards for security systems in Poland
- Products and solutions - advertising and promoting companies and their innovative products

Our regular sections have become the main source of information for security managers in banking, industry and IT business, as well as for the mass home and small business security systems' installers.

Some of the regular sections are:
- Product comparison charts
- CCTV Workshop
- Security Standards and Legal Regulations
- Technical know-how articles
- Security Lexicon
- Detailed descriptions and presentations of existing system applications
- International security news an exhibition reviews

The Edition
- 4 000

Distribution channels
Twierdza is distributed directly through subscription and through free mailing list addressed to all Polish important institutions and industry leaders. It is also available in EMPIK's, Polish biggest book and press mega stores.
We also take part in all major security and IT exhibitions and conferences issuing special editions addressed to specific audience. During these events Twierdza is available free of charge to all visitors and exhibitors. We are present at biggest international security events in Birmingham, Essen, Madrit and Milano.

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